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Statement following the Death of Her Majesty The Queen

8 September 2022 | News
Queen Elizabeth II

Councillor James Dawson, Councillor Denise Mellors and Dr Adam Thompson have written a joint statement on behalf of Erewash Labour expressing our condolences following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, may she rest in peace. Statement as follows:

Following the sad announcement this evening of the death of Her Majesty The Queen, on behalf of Erewash Labour we send our deepest condolences to His Majesty The King and the rest of the Royal Family at this most difficult time.

Throughout her life, Elizabeth II has served the people of the United Kingdom and the 54 Nations of the Commonwealth with selfless devotion for over 70 years, and has been one of the most influential world leaders of our time.

As the longest reigning monarch in British history, she has been witness to massive global and geopolitical change, and has been a golden thread running through our modern history.

Along with her consort, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip The Duke of Edinburgh, she was an example of impeccable public duty, stability and a constant rock for our country throughout so much turbulent and rapid change.

Her passing marks the close of the second Elizabethan age, and the world will miss her guidance, her steadfastness and her reassuring presence.

We give thanks and acknowledge her service to the people of our country and the Commonwealth, as we all adjust to the immeasurable gap she leaves not just in our national life, but the life of all nations of the world.

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