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Sawley Labour formally objects to green land building

19 July 2020 | News

Sawley’s objection to building on green land has been submitted to Erewash Borough Council.

Photo shows Labour Councillors, Alan Chewings (left) with the Parish Council online petition signed by 2,457 residents, Cllr Denise Bond (centre) with over 100 objection forms from local residents and Cllr Dave Doyle (right) with Sawley Labour’s physical petition signed by hundreds.

Over 3,000 have signed combined petitions against the development and more objection forms have gone in online.

Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign. Together we can win.

Sawley has now spoken – Erewash Councillors need to listen, including the two Tory Borough Councillors for Sawley, who refused to back the campaign.

Labour is standing up for Sawley – not standing down.

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