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Labour will hold the Tories to account over families in need

10 November 2020 | News

After Marcus Rashford’s national campaign and local fundraising by Ilkeston based ‘Every One Eats’, Erewash Labour was pleased on Sunday 8th November finally to hear that the government decided to listen to the people of this nation by announcing a U-turn on supporting hungry kids in school holidays.

We are yet to learn how this will be delivered and how the government will ensure that the families most in need will receive the support they need over the Christmas break in six weeks time.

On 26th October the Tory Erewash MP, Maggie Throup, released a statement stating that the call to extend free school meals into the holidays had been a Labour Party stunt. Maggie Throup, along with all other Derbyshire Tory MPs, voted against Labour’s proposal, showing callous disregard for the daily hunger pangs experienced by over 3000 children in Erewash who are currently eligible for free school meals.

Denise Mellors, Leader of Erewash Labour Group said, “We will be watching closely what the Conservative government, and Conservative county and borough councils do to ensure that no child goes hungry during the school holidays, and we will hold them to account if they fail to deliver on their pledge to support those most in need”.

Catherine Atkinson, Chair of Erewash Labour Party said:

“I am so proud of the community we have here in Erewash, coming together to raise £10,000 in just two weeks towards stopping children going hungry this Christmas. It was campaigns like the one run by local community group, ‘Every One Eats’ as well as many others country wide that shamed the Government into their u-turn, finally admitting that families do not have enough support through the holidays. ‘Every One Eats’ is returning the money raised in its Christmas appeal in the expectation that the Government will be true to its word. We will all be watching.”

For further information contact Denise Mellors on 07504 096755.

Article image taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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