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Labour action brings change in Wilsthorpe

15 July 2019 | News

Labour Action in Wilsthorpe brings result as Erewash Borough Council shamed into taking action on the Harrington Play Park off the Dovedale Estate.

Back in May, Dave Doyle responded to requests from residents on the Dovedale Estate who were complaining about the lack of equipment and poor state of the Harrington Play Park.

Dave went down to take a look and reported that “the park was a poor excuse for a park given the size of the nearby Estate.”

Dave added that “Erewash should be ashamed of what is provided”, and called for immediate action on Labour’s Long Eaton & Sawley MATTERS Facebook page.

It seems the Tories were shamed into action and are now proposing a major improvement to the park two months after Dave Doyle exposed the poor provision of children’s play facilities in the area, with only two pieces of equipment serving hundreds of children.

The Council are set to instigate financial planning to improve the park at its executive meeting on 16th July. The improvements are likely to take up to two years to complete.

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