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Happy new year from Erewash Labour

2 January 2024 | News
Erewash Labour members celebrating taking control of the Borough Council

First and foremost, happy new year from Erewash Labour! To welcome in 2024, we just wanted to give a message on what we’ve been up to in the last year, and look forward on the year to come.

2023 certainly saw its celebrations. We won an extraordinary victory in May, taking control of the borough council for the first time in 20 years. We now have 28 excellent Labour councillors, working hard every day everywhere from Sawley to Shipley View. As the cost of living continues to bite, the case work load is greater now than ever before, and sadly it is only likely to increase. We elected an astonishing number of young councillors, who have done extraordinarily well in getting to grips with their roles. It’s been a seismic change going from opposition to administration, but nothing makes it worth it like getting to make a difference for Erewash. We were also proud to send a record delegation to Labour conference in Liverpool in October, as well as of the local members who contributed to the party’s stunning by-election victories in Selby, Mid-Bedfordshire and Tamworth this year.

But there have also been challenges. After two decades in opposition, we took over a council in dire financial straits, left backwards by mismanagement and lack of investment on top of 13 years of central government cuts. Hard decisions have followed in our need to be financially responsible, but because of these, we can proudly say that Erewash Borough Council will be in a better place in 2024 than it was in 2023. We have made moves on this front towards a more transparent council, something we will carry forward into the new year. We also inherited a mess on housing, after more than a decade of failure by the previous administration. Our manifesto pledged a fair and sustainable strategy, but our efforts to fulfil this were crushed in November by partisan diktat from Michael Gove.

In spite of this, we are proud of what we have achieved. We have issued new community grants, including to help fund the Glow Arts Festival, a great event which saw Ilkeston marketplace full and energised. We declared a climate emergency, and are now following through on this: a new working group is drawing up a more ambitious programme, and in December we scrapped the local Tories’ ban on new solar farms. As promised, within a hundred days of taking control we developed our cost of living action plan, bringing together multiple resources for people to get the help they need in trying times. Our new homelessness prevention fund helps to tackle rough sleeping, the causes of homelessness, and protect the vulnerable. We also now have two fantastic Armed Forces Champions active in Erewash, helping veterans and working with local charities to deliver for our heroes.

And so, onward to 2024. Seeds we have planted in the last year will hopefully flower. We have begun the process of compulsory purchasing the derelict Galaxy Row cinema in Long Eaton, and in January the council will consider plans to replace and regenerate old building. Currently, Erewash Labour teams are out four times a week speaking to voters across the borough. This will only increase in 2024, as we work to make Nicolle Ndiweni our next Police & Crime Commissioner, and Claire Ward our first East Midlands Mayor. Most importantly, we’ll carry our momentum on to a general election, working tirelessly to send Dr. Adam Thompson to Westminster as the first Labour MP for Erewash since 2010.

So thank you, everyone, who worked with us to make 2023 a year of change. We look forward to continuing this work with all of you in 2024, which together we can make a year of winning.

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