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6 February 2019 | News

Labour’s community ‘20’s Plenty’ campaign to reduce speeding vehicles on residential roads in the Long Eaton and Sawley areas has been rejected by Derbyshire County Council’s Conservatives.

Tories on the Authority claimed “it’s not an effective use of money and would not support any plans to cut speed limits from 30 to 20 on residential roads.”

Labour members who have been campaigning to cut speed limits to 20 have blasted the County decision and have pledged to continue with their campaign.

Sawley Borough Council candidate, Alan Chewings, said “It’s not about cost, it’s about saving lives. Pedestrians, especially the young and elderly are being put at risk. The community are fully supportive of our campaign to cut speed. We will continue to put our communities and our people first.”

Labour’s candidates for Long Eaton Central, Sawley, Nottingham Road, Derby Road East and Derby Road West wards in Long Eaton have all committed themselves to continue campaigning for 20’s Plenty.


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