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Erewash Labour proudly supports Every One Eats campaign

28 October 2020 | News

Erewash Labour members and representatives declare emphatic support for the ‘Every Child Eats this Christmas’ campaign.

Campaigners working in the community campaign group, Every One Eats, have launched a new campaign focussed on ensuring all children in Erewash are fed this Christmas.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, people in Erewash are being asked to donate £1 or more each to help feed children who may otherwise go hungry over the holiday period.

The ‘Every Child Eats this Christmas’ campaign launches this weekend with the aim of raising £95,000 – enough to feed the borough’s 3,000 children who are eligible for free school meals for a fortnight at £15 per week. If every home in Erewash donated at least £1 for each household member, that target would be reached with enough left over for a chocolate Santa too.

The campaign has been launched by Every One Eats, the local community group which has helped feed hundreds of kids over the summer holidays. The initiative follows England footballer Marcus Rashford’s plea, ignored by Government last week, to continue to provide funding for free school meals during school holidays.

Donations to ‘Every Child Eats this Christmas’ campaign can be made here.

All donations will be used to buy vouchers to allow food purchases at local stores.

Kirk Hallam Vicar Christine French said “This is a really tough time for everyone at the moment but especially for those who will struggle to feed their families at Christmas. So we can all do what Erewash people do best by coming together to support them by donating to ‘Every Child Eats This Christmas’ campaign. We can’t wait to put a smile children’s faces. Please help us do it!”.

Lindsey Rice, Co-founder and Chair of local community group ‘Every One Eats’ added “After Marcus Rashford made his half term appeal for kids last week, we knew we had to prepare for Christmas as well. With such a perilous job situation at the moment, every day we see children and their parents desperate to provide for their family. We can all help them now by supporting this campaign to put food on the table this Christmas.”

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