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  • Dr Adam Thompson selected as our parliamentary candidate

    Dr Adam Thompson has today been selected to stand as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Erewash.

    Fri Jul 29, 03:35 pm
  • Platinum service for the Queen's Jubilee

    Erewash Labour councillors are submitting a council motion congratulating Her Majesty The Queen on celebrating her Jubilee.

    Mon Feb 28, 06:29 pm
  • Derbyshire care homes once again under threat of closure

    Derbyshire Conservatives have once again placed Ladycross and other care homes across the county under threat of closure.

    Mon Jan 10, 07:52 pm
  • Raw sewage overflowing regularly into Erewash waterways

    Water companies are earning huge profits year on year, while raw sewage to flow into our streams, rivers and eventually the sea.

    Mon Jan 10, 11:13 am
  • Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are laughing at Erewash

    In 2020, 206 people died from Covid-19 in Erewash, while Boris Johnson’s Downing Street failed to follow the rules.

    Wed Dec 8, 11:12 am
  • Thank you NHS card delivered to QMC staff

    NHS staff said that it was a huge morale boost to receive our giant thank you card signed by thousands at Long Eaton Carnival.

    Sun Nov 21, 12:18 pm
  • Heartless threats: carehome closures back again

    The Conservatives at Derbyshire County Council are once again trying to close our care homes – it’s time to take action.

    Sat Nov 20, 09:36 pm
  • Erewash Constituency Labour Party statement on rail announcements

    Erewash Constituency Labour Party has published a statement in response to recent announcements on rail policy.

    Fri Nov 19, 09:29 pm
  • Erewash Labour celebrates our public services

    Erewash Labour members have been back out this weekend for the Long Eaton Carnival, celebrating public services.

    Sun Sep 19, 02:53 pm
  • Let’s stand together as Erewash against the Developers’ Charter

    Labour call for a united front from the council gainst plans to remove residents’ right to object to bad developments.

    Thu Jul 8, 07:39 pm
  • A third stoppage of work at the Long Eaton DHL/M&S announced

    Usdaw has announced a third 24-hour stoppage at the Long Eaton DHL / Marks and Spencer distribution centre.

    Wed Jun 23, 04:08 pm
  • Maggie Throup refuses to maintain rights to oppose bad developments

    Conservative MPs yesterday refused to back a vote in the House of Commons to block the hated Developers’ Charter.

    Tue Jun 22, 02:47 pm
  • "We deliver for you – now you deliver for us"

    Retail logistics trade union Usdaw have been on strike at the DHL / Marks and Spencer Long Eaton distribution centre.

    Thu Jun 10, 08:13 am
  • Erewash Labour community engagement survey

    We want to engage with you as closely as we can, so we’ve put this survey together for you to have your say.

    Tue Apr 6, 02:21 pm
  • Two Erewash Labour Councillors resign after moving house

    After moving away from the area, Pam Ashley and Diane Fletcher have resigned from Erewash Borough Council.

    Mon Mar 15, 05:09 pm
  • Win for Erewash residents as Council vows to discuss core strategy

    Press release from Erewash Labour Group on the Council’s decision under pressure to publish consultation results.

    Mon Mar 1, 06:20 pm
  • Housing crisis: seven months on from public consultation

    Press release from Erewash Labour Group on Tory failures to publish the results of the recent public consultation.

    Fri Feb 26, 11:29 am
  • The People’s History Museum needs your help

    The survival of the People’s History Museum, is at risk and its loss would be a loss to all who champion Labour values.

    Sat Jan 23, 11:38 am
  • Sawley Parish Councillors support local food bank

    Labour Parish Councillors in Sawley work to support residents through the local food bank with their ‘Reverse Santa’ initiative.

    Wed Dec 23, 04:56 pm
  • Conservative Councillor Michael Wallis - an error of judgement?

    Labour councillors call upon Councillor Mike Wallis to consider his position, following breaches of the code of conduct.

    Mon Dec 14, 09:00 am
  • Sawley Parish Council Christmas Float a great success

    Sawley Parish Council’s Christmas Float was a great success, bringing festive cheer to what has been a miserable year.

    Sun Dec 13, 10:01 am
  • Erewash needs more from the Council this Christmas

    Labour urges the Borough Council to do more in supporting our retailers and market traders in Erewash this Christmas.

    Fri Dec 4, 07:24 pm
  • Labour will hold the Tories to account over families in need

    Erewash Labour was pleased to hear that the government decided to U-turn on supporting hungry kids in school holidays.

    Tue Nov 10, 07:23 pm
  • Long Eaton Towns Fund news and survey

    The Towns Fund has £25 million pounds with Long Eaton’s name on it. Have your say using the survey!

    Thu Nov 5, 09:47 pm
  • Erewash Labour proudly supports Every One Eats campaign

    The ‘Every Child Eats this Christmas’ campaign gets the full backing of Erewash Labour

    Wed Oct 28, 08:41 pm
  • Tory leader fails to respond to calls to support starving children

    Erewash Conservative leader ignores calls for funding for free school meals in favour of her holiday.

    Wed Oct 28, 07:56 pm
  • Sawley Parish Council plants for spring

    Summer’s not over and blooming spring is on the mind of Sawley’s Labour Parish Councillors.

    Sun Aug 23, 09:29 pm
  • Sawley Labour formally objects to green land building

    Sawley labour members and councillors formally object to building on green land to Erewash Borough Council.

    Sun Jul 19, 07:12 pm
  • Councillors call to halt consultation

    Erewash Labour Councillors are calling on Erewash Borough Council to pause consultation on its core strategy during COVID-19.

    Tue Mar 31, 10:29 am
  • Erewash Labour responds to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

    Erewash Labour have written to the council to ask what preparations the council are taking in response to the Covid-19 virus.

    Sun Mar 15, 03:07 pm
  • Public ignored on town centre parking pledge

    Labour Councillors were left dumbfounded after the controlling Conservative Group voted to scrap free parking.

    Mon Mar 9, 10:43 pm
  • Erewash Tories to scrap free town centre parking

    Erewash Tories have proposed cutting the popular 1 hour’s free town centre car parking to find savings in their budget.

    Mon Feb 10, 10:30 pm
  • Ladycross care home campaign update

    Staff at Ladycross Care Home clubbed together to put on a tea dance for the residents over the weekend.

    Mon Feb 10, 08:34 am
  • Erewash Labour nominations for leader and deputy leader

    On Friday evening, Erewash Labour met to hold our AGM and nominate our preferred candidates for the Labour leadership.

    Sun Feb 2, 07:03 pm
  • Catherine Atkinson: Fighting for Erewash

    Our parliamentary candidate, Catherine Atkinson, makes her promises to you for when she is our MP.

    Fri Nov 15, 09:58 am
  • Enacting community politics in Sawley

    Rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty – Erewash Labour were out this weekend planting bulbs in Sawley.

    Mon Oct 21, 10:25 pm
  • Catherine Atkinson on the impact of HS2

    Erewash Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate, Catherine Atkinson, shares a story of the pain caused by HS2.

    Tue Oct 8, 08:02 am
  • Scottish judges rule Parliament suspension unlawful

    Three judges at the Court of Session found in favour of a cross-party group of politicians who were challenging the PM’s move.

    Wed Sep 11, 07:34 pm
  • Johnson caught lying again - this time about pork pies

    Boris Johnson has been caught lying yet again, this time about the humble pork pie

    Mon Aug 26, 09:37 pm
  • Labour action brings change in Wilsthorpe

    Labour Action in Wilsthorpe brings result as Erewash Borough Council shamed into taking action.

    Mon Jul 15, 07:21 am
  • It's time for action on menstrual hygiene

    Erewash Labour activists are campaigning to raise awareness of the need to end period poverty.

    Mon May 27, 01:50 pm
  • Is 20 Plenty? Asking Ilkeston

    Labour activists in Ilkeston have been out talking to voters about our ’20’s Plenty’ campaign, around the Cotmanhay and Larklands areas.

    Sun Mar 24, 05:08 pm
  • Erewash Labour joins Corbyn rally in Beeston

    Erewash Labour members joined members from across the region yesterday at a rally in Broxtowe, featuring Jeremy Corbyn.

    Sun Feb 24, 10:07 am
  • Erewash Labour's 20's Plenty campaign

    Labour’s ‘20’s Plenty’ campaign to reduce residential speed limits in Long Eaton and Sawley has been rejected by Conservatives.

    Wed Feb 6, 01:44 pm
  • Erewash Labour at the regional conference

    Erewash Labour joined activists from around the East Midlands today, at the regional conference in Nottingham.

    Sat Feb 2, 07:48 pm
  • Jeremy Corbyn visits Kirk Hallam to discuss the 21 bus

    Jeremy Corbyn took time out to come and add extra enthusiasm for campaigning to Labour Party members in Erewash.

    Sat Feb 2, 09:01 am
  • Erewash Labour opposes HS2

    Erewash Labour recently debated the HS2 project, and passed a motion categorically opposing the construction of HS2 while endorsing renationalisation.

    Tue Jan 29, 03:23 pm
  • Transport for Kirk Hallam

    Over 80 people turned up to hear representatives from Trent Barton account for recent timetable changes last Friday at the first Transport for Kirk Hallam meeting.

    Sun Jan 13, 10:56 pm
  • Erewash Labour delivers Christmas cheer

    Labour brought Christmas cheer to residents of Sawley, delivering Christmas cards on a bright sunny Sunday.

    Mon Dec 3, 07:52 am
  • Warm clothes delivered to the Canaan Trust

    Alan Chewings and Dave Doyle delivered clothes recently donated by residents to the Canaan Trust in Long Eaton.

    Fri Nov 9, 05:11 pm
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