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Your 2023 local election candidates: Long Eaton and Sawley

2 April 2023 | Elections
Your Labour candidates for Long Eaton and Sawley

Derby Road East ward

Howard Griffiths
I have lived in Long Eaton and worked at Toton Sidings for over 40 years. As a local councillor for many years I have got considerable experience of local government at both County and Borough levels. Jobs are important for any area and should be key focus for any local authority. I believe that the purpose of any economic strategy should be to make the area more prosperous. That should include making the area greener, cleaner and safer. I had a key role in projects like town centre CCTV, the Nutbrook Trail, planting of woodland, increasing the number of Nature Reserves and the improvement in the Borough’s car parks. I would like to continue improving the Borough to make the Town more attractive for local people and attract more visitors to stimulate the local economy. At the moment, Conservative Erewash Borough Council is all about managing decline. It’s a catalogue of inertia and missed opportunities and cuts to services. I and my Labour colleagues want to change all that and make Erewash a modern, proactive and forward-looking Borough.
If you want to contact me, please ring 07833096958.

Margaret Griffiths
I have lived in Derby Road East, Long Eaton since 1995 and was first elected to Erewash Borough Council in May 1999. I worked for E-ON until my retirement in 2016. There have been many changes since then and I strongly believe that the Town has been allowed to become less inviting to businesses. The streets around the Town Centre are not as clean as they should be and litter is a problem. I am also concerned about the long-term empty properties such as the Galaxy Cinema and would like to see them brought back into commercial use. I believe that the Council should be taking the lead and I want to be able to contribute positively to this.

Derby Road East candidates

Derby Road West ward

Lewis Newton
I’m Dr. Lewis Newton and have lived in Long Eaton for the past few years. I am enthusiastic about improving our town and making it a better place for all. As a councillor, I will listen to your voices, understand your needs, and fight for your best interests. My background in engineering and research has equipped me with analytical and problem-solving skills that will aid me in addressing the issues we face. I look forward to working with fellow councillors to improve Long Eaton and Erewash. Your support is much appreciated, and I am committed to representing you with dedication, passion, and integrity.

Claire Poole
I am proud to have been chosen as one of Labour’s candidates for Derby Road West ward. I look forward to representing the people of Long Eaton, putting our town at the heart of Erewash Borough Council. I will stand up and fight for the most vulnerable in our community and for our vital front line services in Long Eaton. We need change in Long Eaton and councillors that listen to residents, not give idle words and broken promises. I will be accountable to you and provide a strong voice for Long Eaton. I also believe strongly that that Long Eaton should receive its fair share of resources from Erewash Borough Council that has sadly been very lacking for the last twenty years of Tory control.

Mick Pace
I’ve had an interesting career – lab technician, barman, labourer, secondary teacher, copywriter, charity worker, university student support – currently teacher of young people disengaged from education. Born Brummie, I have lived in Long Eaton since 2012, and love the place; but it needs fixing – it’s definitely time for Labour. I aim to help the community recover and develop. Labour’s local plan spends limited Council money wisely, supporting and working with the right local services and organisations to make a positive, lasting difference to the quality of people’s lives. And I’m a big NHS supporter – it’s saved my life 7 times.

Derby Road West candidates

Long Eaton Central ward

Curtis Howard
Hi, I’m Curtis Howard, I live in Long Eaton and work in adoption across the border in Nottinghamshire. I attended university in Wales and have lived in the area for three years. I love living in Long Eaton, it’s a good town that allows for nicer, quieter living, while also having great access to the city. If elected I would put you, local residents, first: making sure your voices and concerns are heard. I will press for a better standard of public services and push for a cleaner, greener, regenerated town centre.

Rebecca Everett
I’m Rebecca Everett, I live in Long Eaton and work for a local business based on the industrial estate off Fields Farm Road. I grew up in a small town, and what I love about Long Eaton is the small town community. My vision for Long Eaton is of a place where small business thrives, we keep our communities safe, and we grow Long Eaton as a welcoming, inviting place to live. My priority, before politics, is people like you, and I’ll make sure your voice is heard no matter what.

Joel Bryan
I’m Joel, and I am currently the county councillor for Long Eaton. I care passionately about our community and want to see us invest more in youth services, as well as to make our town centre a place people want to come to. I also believe deeply in looking after the environment and want to making Erewash a truly green council, and I believe I can bring the new ideas that the council needs to clean up its act.

Long Eaton Central candidates

Nottingham Road ward

Gordon Thomas
I am proud to be the Labour candidate for Nottingham Road ward. I live in the ward and am Chair of Governors at Grange Primary School, where our son goes. I worked at the University of Nottingham for ten years and am currently a stay-at-home dad, director of our local Credit Union – Derbyshire Community Bank – and a trustee of a national charity – the Peace Research and Education Trust. I have been a Labour supporter all my life and strongly believe in the party’s values. I will work hard for the people of Nottingham Road ward and Erewash.

Emma Plummer
I live in the Nottingham Road ward and have lived in Erewash since 2016. I have campaigned locally for several years and care about our community and the issues we face; from the cost-of-living crisis to the diminishing local services and our NHS. The climate crisis is another hugely important issue to me. Outside of politics, I work in IT. For you, as your councillor, I will work to address local issues and make improvements that benefit our community and local area.

Nottingham Road candidates

Sawley ward

Dave Doyle
I have lived in the area for many years and have spent much of that time as a local councillor. For the past four years, I have been vice chair of Sawley Parish Council, solving problems by working hard for people in Sawley by organising local litter picks, improving our parks and supporting the community speed watch. As your local councillor for Sawley, I want to represent you and your views on the local council, putting Sawley residents first. As a veteran, I’m really passionate about supporting our armed forces and will work hard to establish veterans’ hubs in Erewash.

Harry Atkinson
I’ve lived in Long Eaton and Sawley all of my life and want nothing more than to see it thrive like it once did. After leaving school I went and got an apprenticeship in electrical maintenance at Ratcliffe Power Station where I still work. The Scouts is something I’m hugely passionate about and am heavily evolved with. It gives young people the chance to gain amazing skills and experience that they wouldn’t otherwise do. When I do get a spare 5 minutes, I’m often down at one of the local pubs enjoying a pint of beer.

Robert Peat
I’m Robert George Peat, a railwayman working out of Birmingham New Street. I’m standing In Sawley as one of the Labour Party candidates In the upcoming local council elections. I was born In Nottingham and have lived my whole live In Long Eaton. I have lived my most Impressionable years through austerity, and I have also witnessed the decline of local business and industry, as well as the deterioration of living standards. I have an idea of what Erewash should look like in the future and feel inspired to take steps to make that idea a reality. I’m very passionate about public service, and I would strive to make a positive difference for everyone in Sawley. I want to collaborate with residents and local businesses to foster economic growth, enhance public services, and make our streets safer.

Sawley candidates

Wilsthorpe ward

Rose Jackson
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Ross Barrett
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Ashira Tamber-Wolf
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