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Sawley Parish Council by-election this Thursday

30 October 2017 | Elections
Denise Bond

The by-election for Sawley Parish Council is this Thursday and we need your support if we are going to win this off the Tories.

  • We need members to help with delivery of polling day reminders on Wednesday and the morning of the Thursday ( 1/2 November)
  • We need people who can phone Labour promises on Thursday to get the vote out.
  • We need people who can knock doors and take people to vote on the day.
  • For those who find it difficult to get out onto the doors, then we also need members to sit at the doorways of the 2 polling stations wearing the red rosette, just to greet people as they come to vote, and advise people they can still vote without their polling card. The Tory led Parish Council refused to pay for the distribution of cards.
  • We will have a Campaign Office see below, where you can get a cuppa, biscuit etc and phone a few Labour promises.

With your assistance we can win this for Labour.

Any offers of help to:
Cheryl Pidgeon,, you can also phone Cheryl on 07972 592595.
Alan Chewings,,

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