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Polling aggregate puts Labour three points ahead

19 October 2017 | Elections
Polling Average 2015-17

The polling organisation Britain Elects has released their latest figures of the polling average for the question ‘How would you vote if there were a General Election today?’

It shows Labour on 42.4%, the Conservatives on 39%, Liberal Democrats on 7.3% and UKIP on 4.2%.

The ‘poll of polls’ uses surveys taken from 9th May 2015 to 11th October 2017, and uses polls taken by YouGov, ICM, Opinium, Survation, BMG and Ipsos Mori.

In addition, Britain Elect’s Facebook page states that the latest poll taken on people’s preference for Prime Minister shows Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May tied on 33% (Corbyn’s rating unchanged, May’s down 3%).

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