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Meet your council candidates: Shipley View

24 March 2019 | Elections

Jo Ward

I grew up in Ilkeston, attending Granby Junior School & then Bennerly Senior School, with Ilkeston being my hometown. I have been a resident of the Shipley View estate for 8 years. I am a full time working mum of a 7 year old, and a national business development manager within the critical power generator industry.

As chair of the Ilkeston ‘Parents for Play’, I am extremely proud of the groups campaigning and fundraising to ensure that the improvements to Barling Drive Lagoon Park can go ahead. By working together with the wider Shipley View community we were able to exceed the group’s funding target, gain local newspaper coverage and secure £100,000 further funding from WREN.

I have most recently also personally been campaigning for speeding measures, and traffic calming to be implemented on Barling Drive, Shipley View alongside the green community areas and two children’s play parks. The extended speed monitoring that formed part of my campaign, identified that further speed reduction measures are required, due to the percentage of motorists exceeding the permitted speed limit. Additional SLOW road markings can now be seen on both sides of the road on Barling Drive adjacent to the parks. Prior to that campaign, in 2013 when my daughter attended the nursery on Summerfields way. I worked on a speed reduction campaign, local school children designed speed awareness posters, which are still in place today.

I want to be the councillor for the Shipley View ward, so I can continue working on, and campaigning for further improvements to the local area and amenities for our community, with passion and a determination to take action and make a difference.

Mark Hutchby

I’m a family man, married with four children and currently living in Shipley View. I am very proud to live in Ilkeston, the town of my birth in 1967.

I am a Network Support Engineer, by day, and firmly believe it is vital to act professionally and treat people from every walk of life with respect both in and outside of work.

As a long-standing activist, I am firmly committed to working for improvements to our area. Ilkeston Parents for Play have had a fantastic result securing the fundraising for the Barling Drive Lagoon Park improvements and I am delighted to have supported their fundraising activities. I am also an active member of the Residents Association and have been raising concerns about the state of some of the paths in and around Shipley View. I sure you agree that better use can be made of some of our green spaces.

I am truly alarmed by the decline of llkeston in recent times. I want to fight for better for our town, the very least the people of Ilkeston deserve. I am concerned about the state of the highways in the area and the lack of bus services, particularly around Shipley View. Of course there is so much to do but we need to start to undo the damage inflicted upon us all by austerity. This is why we need a Labour Council.

We all want to see a thriving Bath Street with more shops and businesses – quality daytime and evening economies! We want schools of a standard worthy of our kids, and we want services, parks and facilities for everyone to enjoy.

I will be fighting for all of these positive changes for Ilkeston!

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