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Erewash Labour: Manifesto 2023: Change For The Better

2 April 2023 | Elections
Manifesto 2023: 'Change for the Better' Erewash Labour Group

We have just published the Erewash Labour local election manifesto for May 2023, and you can see the whole thing here or read the full text below.

Dear Erewash Resident,
I am very proud to present the Erewash Labour manifesto for this year’s Borough Council elections.

The Conservatives have been running Erewash Borough Council for 20 years. 20 years of selling off local services, mismanaging our resources and prioritising their own interests over the interests of local people.

After 20 years, we find ourselves living in a Borough with a shortage of social housing, leisure services cut to the bone and an unfair housing strategy running years behind schedule. A council that has no idea how to face the future and support our veterans, residents and communities.

We are proposing radical change in the coming election. Building a new Erewash together, designed by local people, for local people, that puts local people first. We want to prioritise real change, based on sensible and well-reasoned policy that works.

We have created this manifesto through consultation with people across Erewash, working with local community groups and individuals to create policy that puts Erewash first and provides residents with everything they need to thrive in our communities.

We look forward to talking to you about our plan for a Labour-run Erewash, as we move towards the local elections on 4th May. Now is the time to change for the better.

Best wishes,
Councillor James Dawson
Leader, Erewash Labour Group

Our pledges to change Erewash for the better:

Tackle the cost of living crisis:
Everyone is finding it harder than ever to get by, with energy and fuel bills soaring. Local businesses are finding it harder than ever to make ends meet. We will provide proper support for the cost of living crisis locally, by working in the community to tackle poverty.

Support inclusive economic growth:
We need a council that allows our local economy to grow, that supports our local businesses and encourages local people to push boundaries. We will create a local economy that focuses on partnership and works together to ensure we all succeed.

Make our communities safer:
Our council must be in the driving seat to make our communities safe, not standing by on the sidelines. We will protect vulnerable residents and look after those who need it, working with the relevant authorities to build services that work for everyone.

Ensure a sustainable environment:
The climate crisis puts all of us in danger and the Conservative-controlled Erewash Borough Council haven’t done enough to tackle the climate crisis locally. We will put sustainability first, working with local people and businesses towards a net-zero council.

Improve health and wellbeing within our communities:
Veterans, the elderly and vulnerable people in our communities have been let down by the Conservatives in Erewash. By creating wellbeing hubs and designing a smart planning system, we will help local people improve their health and wellbeing.

In this manifesto, we explain why, and more importantly, how, Erewash Labour will deliver on our promises.

Tackling the cost of living crisis

The cost of living has become a critical issue for many families in our community. While the cost of living is a national issue that is invading every aspect of our lives, Erewash Labour will do everything we can to address this crisis locally, to improve the quality of life for all residents. We will achieve this goal by:

  • Tackling holiday hunger and food poverty: no child should go hungry, especially during school holidays. We will work with local organisations, charities, schools and businesses to tackle holiday hunger and food poverty.
  • Building community solidarity through mutual aid: our communities are suffering as one, and we believe that more can be done to help residents support each other. We will provide support for local food growing initiatives, such as community gardens, to encourage residents to grow their own food and reduce the cost of living.
  • Creating financial inclusion: financial exclusion is a major barrier to economic stability and upward mobility. We will work with the Derbyshire Community Bank to improve financial inclusion and provide residents with access to affordable credit, savings, and other financial services.
  • Providing solutions directly to residents: the cost of living crisis requires national intervention to solve the problems at their source, but the council has a responsibility to provide support locally to those in need. We will set up debt management advice services, run by the council for local residents, to provide residents with direct aid on the ground.
  • Supporting vulnerable households: We will work to support the most vulnerable households within our community by providing access to council tax support.
  • Lobbying central government directly: as your councillors, we hear every day how and why people are struggling with the cost of living. Working with the Erewash members of parliament, we will lobby the national government directly to provide proper support across the Borough and the nation.

Your council owes it to you to mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis and improve the quality of life for all residents. By working with partners to tackle holiday hunger and food poverty, and by improving financial inclusion through our partnership with the Derbyshire Community Bank, we can create a more equitable and prosperous community for all.

Supporting inclusive economic growth

Erewash Labour are committed to supporting inclusive economic growth in our communities. We will achieve this goal by:

  • Encouraging start-ups and small businesses: we will work to provide affordable workspaces and support small businesses in filling skills gaps, while maximising our use of existing skills, such as manufacturing, within our communities.
  • Dealing with absentee landlords: we will take action to deal with rogue landlords and bring empty commercial properties back into use.
  • Maximising investment opportunities: we will work with Erewash Partnership to bring in investment and encourage innovation within our towns, to create thriving town centres and hubs.
  • Supporting traditional markets and local services: we will work to support our traditional markets by incentivising traders’ involvement in the markets, and we will fight to retain local access to banking within our towns.
  • Helping residents to get into work: we will provide better support to all residents, including those with disabilities and learning difficulties, to get back into work.
  • Improving digital skills: we will work to improve digital skills in our communities, supporting residents in accessing new opportunities and promoting innovation.
  • Bringing areas alive: we will support local areas through arts and culture, strengthening cultural partnerships by promoting arts and culture to create a more vibrant community.
  • Creating a learning partnership: we will work to create a learning partnership that works alongside business, supporting residents in developing new skills and accessing new opportunities.

Erewash Labour’s priority is to support inclusive economic growth in our communities. We believe that by working together, we can create a thriving and inclusive community that offers opportunities for everyone. Whether you’re a start-up business, an established market trader, or a resident looking to improve your skills, we are committed to supporting you. With your support, we can achieve our shared vision of a supportive community that offers opportunities for everyone.

Making our communities safer

Erewash Labour are committed to making our communities safer for everyone, particularly for the most vulnerable residents such as the homeless, veterans and those affected by alcohol and gambling abuse. We will achieve this goal by:

  • Upholding standards within the private rented sector: we will work to uphold standards within the private rented sector by implementing selective licensing schemes, working with landlords to ensure properties and communities are safe and fit for habitation.
  • Working in partnership with the police and community volunteer services (CVS): we will work closely with the police and CVS to support residents when they need it, by reforming our warden service, helping to create a safer night-time economy and working to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour.
  • Protecting vulnerable residents from alcohol and gambling abuse: alcohol and gambling abuse have a deeply damaging effect on our communities. We will do more to address these issues, by working to develop alternative approaches and care pathways for vulnerable residents who are not in contact with treatment services, but who have complex needs.
  • Supporting homeless people and veterans: homelessness and veteran poverty are serious problems in our communities, and we are committed to helping those in need. We will work with partners to provide support to the homeless and veterans, including emergency housing, support services, and training and employment opportunities.
  • Dealing with crime and antisocial behaviour: we understand the impact that antisocial behaviour can have on communities, and we will work with local police and enforcement to create clean and safer town centres.

Erewash Labour are committed to promoting safety and security in our communities. We believe that by working together with our partners and engaging with local communities, we can achieve our goal of creating safe and secure communities for everyone. We look forward to implementing these measures and delivering real change for our residents.

Ensuring a sustainable environment

Erewash Labour are committed to promoting a sustainable environment for our communities. We will achieve this goal by:

  • Campaigning to improve connectivity in our area: we deserve efficient and accessible transportation systems that connect residents to their daily needs, such as work, shopping, and healthcare. We will work with partners to encourage investment in a digitally connected Erewash.
  • Creating housing fit for heroes: our community is home to many brave servicepeople who have served our country, who have been let down by the Conservatives in local government. We will work to ensure that these heroes have access to safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing.
  • Supporting low energy homes for the future: we will create a fair and sustainable housing strategy, to ensure that tomorrow’s homes and buildings are constructed in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner.
  • Improving the natural environment and addressing the need for green spaces: we will work to protect our green spaces and wildlife habitats, and will develop rewilding strategies to support pollinators in Erewash.
  • Fighting against sewage pollution: we will continue fighting against sewage pollution in our parks and will provide residents with more opportunities to enjoy the benefits of our green spaces.
  • Taking action against fly tipping: we are committed to taking action against the illegal dumping of waste in our communities, by enforcing penalties against individuals who engage in this activity and facilitating the proper disposal of waste.
  • Making the council energy sustainable: we must lead by example in promoting sustainable energy practices. We will review and update the council’s energy policy, with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our use of renewable energy sources.
  • Encouraging ultra-low emissions vehicles: We will maximise opportunities to provide Plug and Park sites to charge electric vehicles around our area.

We believe that a sustainable environment is essential for the health and well-being of our community. We are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and ensuring that our area is a safe and healthy place for all residents, and will continue to seek out new opportunities to improve our community and protect our environment.

Improving health and wellbeing within our communities

Erewash Labour are committed to ensuring that residents have access to the resources and support they need to maintain good health and wellbeing. We will achieve this goal by:

  • Designing community wellbeing and veterans’ hubs: we will establish community wellbeing and veterans’ hubs across the area, providing access to a wide range of services and health and wellbeing resources.
  • Using the planning system to tackle public health issues: the planning system has an important role to play in promoting public health. We will engage in smart planning strategies, limiting the number of betting shops and other premises that can negatively impact public health.
  • Creating partnerships with health and social care: working in partnership with our NHS and other local organisations is critical to improving access to services. We will seek to expand access to community health services such occupational therapy, child healthcare and sexual healthcare.
  • Improving services for the over-60s: we will work to make services more accessible for residents over 60, providing resources and support to help them maintain good health and wellbeing.
  • Helping vulnerable people: vulnerable people, including those with disabilities or long-term health conditions, can require additional support to live independently. We will work to provide vulnerable people with access to housing, health services, and support for independent living.
  • Empowering young people: young people are the future of our communities, and we must invest in their health and wellbeing. We will work to provide young people with access to resources, including mental health services, education and employment opportunities.
  • Providing Council tax exemption for care leavers: care leavers face significant challenges and require ongoing support. We will introduce a council tax exemption for care leavers, helping to reduce their financial burden.

Health and wellbeing impact every aspect of our lives. Our commitment to improving health and wellbeing within our communities is at the forefront of our vision for the future. We will work to ensure that residents have access to the resources and support they need to maintain good health and wellbeing.

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