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Erewash Labour celebrate local election success

6 May 2019 | Elections

Despite national losses for the Labour party, Erewash Labour returned gains in the 2019 local elections.

Erewash Labour held all of our seats in the Borough Council elections, and won new seats in Hallam Fields (Councillor Pamela Ashley) and Sawley (Councillor Denise Bond). Other seats were very nearly won, with Adam Thompson in Long Eaton Central narrowly losing by 8 votes and Alan Chewings in Sawley missing the bar by a miniscule 13.

Adam Thompson said this: “I want to say thanks though to everyone who came out to vote for me and my colleagues, the experience was absolutely humbling. There’s always another election, and I’m not going anywhere.”

We were disappointed not to take control of the council, but are very happy that we bucked the national trend and returned gains locally; a strong case for local, people focussed community action.

Following the elections, the Erewash Labour councillors held their annual meeting, and elected Councillor Denise Mellors as their first female leader. Councillor James Dawson was elected as deputy leader, while Councillors Glennice Birkin, Denise Bond and Linda Frudd were elected as vice chairs. Councillor Frank Phillips was elected as Secretary, Councillor Diane Fletcher as Chief Whip and Councillor Margaret Griffiths as Treasurer.

Councillor Mellors said: “So proud to have been elected as Leader of Erewash Labour group today. A huge and heartfelt thanks to James Dawson for all his support and teaching over the last 4 years as his deputy. I know he will give me the same support as he takes on the role of my deputy.

“We make a great team. I am looking forward to achieving an effective Labour team in Erewash where we will have our residents interests and needs at the forefront of any decisions made.”


We were also very happy to gain a seat on Sandiacre Parish Council, and overjoyed to take control of Sawley Parish. The newly elected Sawley Parish Councillors said this:

“The Sawley Parish Council results were quite remarkable with Alan Chewings and Denise Bond topping the votes and Dave Doyle just 1 vote behind the highest Tory vote. Well done to all our members who were successful and commiserations to those who just missed out.

“A Labour led Parish Council will now concentrate on getting a better deal for Sawley, looking to improve services and facilities.

“We will be inviting all Councillors to work with us for the benefit of our community and we sincerely hope all councillors will respect the voice of residents who voted in this election.”

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