Erewash Labour Party

Erewash Constituency Labour Party

Erewash Labour Borough Council campaign training day

17 October 2018 | Elections

Local members joined together in Sandiacre memorial hall on Saturday to discuss campaign techniques and share stories about how to effectively campaign for the Labour party.

Members learned about why we knock doors, particularly regarding the importance of speaking to local people and learning their views about local and national politics. We all feel very strongly that if we wish to represent people, the best thing we can do is to talk to them and hear their ideas.

Stories were shared about Labour’s activity in the local community, and the successes experienced recently, particularly by Councillor Dave Doyle. Through his hard work, Dave has been instrumental in tidying up the local area in Sawley, and helping residents to campaign over issues they care about.

We also discussed various aspects of social media, and shared stories of how to have friendly debate online.

Members reported having thoroughly enjoyed the session, and everyone learned something!


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