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Warm Welcome campaign with Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity

28 November 2021 | Campaigning
Leafleters in Ilkeston

We are glad to announce our new campaign with the Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity (DRS) group, to provide a warm welcome for refugees in Derbyshire this winter.

Many refugees fleeing war zones and oppressive regimes, including Afghanistan and its aftermath, arrive in the UK with next to nothing and indeed some quite literally have only the clothes on their backs.

DRS are a non-political group offering support to these people to help them start to rebuild their lives whilst waiting for the outcome of their asylum assessments.

Our ask is that anyone keen to demonstrate support for DRS and the refugees under their wing during this time of giving contribute by donating both in kind and in cash to present warm clothes as a practical “warm welcome” from Derbyshire people.

You can read more info about the campaign here, drop clothes off directly at one of these locations and find the link to donate here.
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