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Right back at it again: Sandiacre CCTV campaign

25 May 2019 | Campaigning

Erewash Labour activists took a short break following the local elections, but were back out this weekend supporting local residents.

This time, we’ve been out supporting a local residents’ campaign, coordinated by our own Holly Wilds, who is a 6th student from Sandiacre. The campaign is for CCTV to be installed around the local park, to combat a spate of recent spate of assaults and anti-social behaviour.

Labour members discussed the issue with people on the doorsteps of Sandiacre, and members of the public from all political background pledged their support to the petition, which is worded as follows:

“From February 2019 there have been multiple assaults and events of anti-social behaviour across Springfield Park and outside the Bridge Inn in Sandiacre. Most were committed by a gang of over 10 young people, resulting in physical harm or emotional distress.

“Due to the lack of CCTV and no police resources there has been no evidence collected for the cases to be continued and almost all have been dropped. The councils across Long Eaton and Sandiacre need to be aware of the massive impact and fear this is evoking across the area, and that people (especially young adults and children) should feel safe leaving their home and not have the ever elusive thoughts of potentially being assaulted or harmed.

“Knife crime is a very large issue across the country at this time and with minimal youth services or activities many children are turning to this lifestyle. Protective measures including CCTV must be put in place to help not only the children we have at risk today but also many generations of Sandiacre and Long Eaton to come.”

If you would like to pledge your support to the campaign, you can sign the petition online here. For further information, please join us and other local campaigners in The Bridge Inn, Sandiacre, this Tuesday at 7pm.

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