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Labour supports local campaign against NHS sale

1 August 2020 | Campaigning

Erewash Labour were out this morning supporting local campaigners, fighting to prevent the NHS being on the table in Brexit deal.

Last week ALL the Conservative MPs in Derbyshire:

1. Voted to prevent British MPs from scrutinising the trade deals that affect the British people; and
2. Voted to allow our NHS to to be ‘on the table’ in negotiations with American corporations.

Labour members supported the pro-NHS event outside the office of the Conservative MP for Erewash raising awareness of the fact that yet again the MP voted as she was told rather than in the interests of Erewash.

Lots of socially distant conversations took place about our NHS and keeping it in the hands of the British public. The vote was unanimous that people did not want American Corporations to be able to buy our NHS and that NHS should be taken off the table in trade talks.

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