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Catherine Atkinson working in Sawley

31 October 2019 | Campaigning

Catherine Atkinson, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate is no stranger to Sawley.

In the run up to Christmas last year, Catherine was out picking up litter in Sawley. Catherine is regularly seen in Sawley, speaking and working alongside local residents.

She has already been out with Sawley Labour Councillors on further litter picks, helping to plant bulbs and helping residents with problems – as well as getting into the fun of things at Sawley Fun Day.

Alan Chewings, Chair of Sawley Parish Council said; “Catherine is a good friend of Sawley. Both myself and the rest of Sawley’s Labour Parish Councillors will be out picking up Labour votes for Catherine in the run up to Christmas this year.”

Cllr Dave Doyle, Vice Chair of Sawley Parish Council added : “Catherine has shown her commitment to Sawley. We need an MP who will get out into the community and get her hands dirty.

“Catherine is just that person.”

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