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  • Knocking doors and ringing phones this weekend

    Not to be deterred by the rain, Erewash Labour members were on the phones alongside our weekly door knocking.

    Mon Oct 28, 09:53 pm
  • The hunt for mid-October residents in Long Eaton

    On Sunday afternoon, Erewash Labour members met at the Tappers Harker pub to go door knocking in Long Eaton Central.

    Wed Oct 23, 08:11 pm
  • Knocking doors in Nottingham Road ward

    As we approach the inevitable general election, Erewash labour are out as usual talking to people on the doorsteps.

    Tue Oct 15, 09:15 am
  • Erewash Labour protest with the GMB at Asda

    Members of Erewash Labour were out with Asda workers who are being threatened with the sack in November.

    Fri Oct 11, 03:40 pm
  • Knocking doors in Long Eaton and Ilkeston

    As the autumn begins to set in, Erewash Labour’s campaign team remain on the doors to engage with local people.

    Tue Oct 8, 07:56 am
  • Ilkeston needs a Labour government now

    Voters in Ilkeston were telling local Labour Party activists how badly they need a Labour government this weekend.

    Wed Oct 2, 07:55 am
  • Knocking on residents in Awsworth Road ward

    The Erewash Labour team was out again yesterday in Awsworth Road, discussing The NHS town centres with local residents.

    Mon Sep 9, 10:49 pm
  • March for Ilkeston Community Hospital

    Erewash Labour members and the Protect Ilkeston Community Hospital campaign group march to save the hospital.

    Fri Aug 30, 08:53 pm
  • Ilkeston community hospital campaign update

    Over the last few days Local Labour Party activists have continued to campaign against the cuts to Ilkeston Community Hospital.

    Wed Aug 7, 09:51 pm
  • Ilkeston community hospital protest to health bosses

    Erewash Labour Party and Keep our NHS Public demonstrated their opposition to planned further local NHS cuts.

    Thu Aug 1, 08:50 pm
  • Police and Crimes Commissioner visits Erewash

    This Saturday, the Police and Crimes Commissioner, Hardyal Dhindsa, visited Erewash to talk to local people.

    Mon Jul 22, 07:40 am
  • Erewash Labour at Sawley Fun Day

    Sawley Labour Councillors and party members were out at Sawley ‘Fun Day’ which was organised by The Friends of Sawley Park.

    Mon Jul 15, 07:19 am
  • Ilkeston meeting to defend our community hospitals

    Local members and residents attended a meeting to discuss the cuts to Ilkeston Community Hospital.

    Tue Jul 9, 07:59 pm
  • Erewash Labour continues the fight for Ilkeston Hospital

    On Saturday, we ran a street stall and a canvassing session in Ilkeston to collect signatures for a petition to save beds.

    Mon Jul 8, 07:45 am
  • County Council failures in Derby Road East

    This week’s canvassing session was in Derby Road East, with local members supporting Councillors Howard and Margaret Griffiths.

    Sun Jun 30, 08:51 pm
  • Carnival canvass in the Wilsthorpe sun

    Long Eaton carnival took place yesterday, so we took the opportunity to knock some doors in Wilsthorpe, near West Park.

    Sun Jun 23, 06:34 pm
  • Lazy Sunday in Little Hallam

    Erewash Labour spent another lovely afternoon in the doorstep, this time meeting residents in Little Hallam in Ilkeston.

    Sun Jun 16, 05:24 pm
  • Labour working hard, elections or otherwise

    Erewash Labour was out again yesterday, this time in Breaston, talk to residents about their concerns and issues.

    Mon Jun 3, 07:41 am
  • Erewash Labour fighting against period poverty

    May 28th was International Menstrual Hygiene Day, and we were out campaigning to end Period Poverty.

    Wed May 29, 05:19 pm
  • Right back at it again: Sandiacre CCTV campaign

    Erewash Labour activists took a short break following the local elections, but were back out this weekend supporting local residents.

    Sat May 25, 10:22 pm
  • Final Saturday before the 2019 election

    Erewash Labour spent the final Saturday before polling day engaging with residents at several sessions across Long Eaton.

    Sat Apr 27, 08:00 pm
  • Good Friday door knocking

    Erewash Labour welcomed in the Easter weekend today with a big canvassing session in Derby Road West ward in Long Eaton.

    Fri Apr 19, 04:34 pm
  • End of March 2019: Campaign Round-up

    Erewash Labour has finished up March with a big weekend of door-knocking, in four wards around the Borough.

    Sun Mar 31, 04:18 pm
  • Campaigning in Sandiacre and Nottingham Road

    Erewash Labour’s weekend campaign efforts took us to Sandiacre and Long Eaton this week to talk about anti-social behaviour.

    Sun Mar 17, 10:38 am
  • Canvassing in Cotmanhay and Awsworth Road

    Erewash Labour’s weekend canvassing this week took us to Ilkeston, to talk to residents in Cotmanhay and Awsworth Road wards.

    Mon Mar 11, 08:13 am
  • Erewash Labour campaigning hard

    Labour activists were out and about again this weekend, talking to residents about the various campaigns we’re running across the constituency.

    Sun Mar 3, 05:18 pm
  • Misting morning, Ilkeston canvass

    Erewash Labour were out yesterday for a canvass session in Shipley View and Kirk Hallam wards, discussing a Labour council with residents.

    Mon Feb 25, 08:10 am
  • Long Eaton coffee morning and canvassing in Sawley

    Dave Doyle hosted a well attended coffee morning in Long Eaton to raise funds for his local Labour branch.

    Mon Feb 18, 08:32 am
  • Sandiacre Labour says no to police cuts

    Last week, our Labour Party activists braved the weather warning to deliver a much bigger warning to residents in Sandiacre.

    Mon Feb 11, 10:39 pm
  • Police cuts hit hard in Awsworth Road

    Councillor James Dawson was in Awsworth Road ward last week talking to residents about rising crime and anti-social behaviour.

    Mon Feb 11, 10:33 pm
  • TULO East Midlands comes to Long Eaton

    Yesterday, Erewash Labour were very grateful for a visit from the TULO campaign team, who came to knock doors with us.

    Mon Feb 11, 09:37 am
  • Out and about in Kirk Hallam

    Our three Kirk Hallam Borough Council candidates, John, Linda and Steve, were out in Kirk Hallam again yesterday talking to residents.

    Sun Feb 10, 09:43 am
  • Canvassing in Sandiacre and community organising

    This weekend it was great to meet so many Sandiacre residents who are getting behind our Labour candidates for Sandiacre.

    Mon Feb 4, 09:09 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Long Eaton

    Erewash Labour were knocking doors yesterday in Long Eaton, for Labour’s super Saturday national campaign day.

    Sun Jan 27, 06:56 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Kirk Hallam ward

    Erewash Labour were out yesterday in Kirk Hallam, discussing the Transport for Kirk Hallam campaign with residents.

    Mon Jan 21, 08:36 am
  • Labour council candidates active in Sawley

    Labour’s Borough Council candidates for Sawley took to visiting over 1,000 houses today delivering their campaign leaflet.

    Sun Jan 13, 10:41 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in the Derby Road wards

    Local activists and council candidates were out yesterday in two of the Long Eaton wards.

    Sun Jan 13, 10:12 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Awsworth Road ward

    Erewash Labour were out this afternoon for the first canvassing session of the year, knocking doors in Awsworth Road.

    Sun Jan 6, 04:20 pm
  • Time to end the Daily Squeeze

    Labour activists in Ilkeston and Long Eaton have been at their local rail stations this morning talking to commuters about the latest rail fare increases.

    Wed Jan 2, 11:52 am
  • Labour picks up the Christmas litter in Sawley

    Labour’s secret Santa was out on Sunday today with his little helpers litter picking in Sawley park.

    Sat Dec 15, 03:30 am
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Derby Road East ward

    The Erewash Labour team was out knocking doors with Councillors Howard and Margaret Griffiths in Long Eaton yesterday.

    Sun Nov 25, 08:28 am
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Hallam Fields ward

    Erewash members spent a chilly afternoon in a mammoth canvassing session in Hallam Fields ward this afternoon.

    Sun Nov 18, 05:11 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Draycott ward

    Erewash Labour were out yesterday knocking doors in Draycott, around the south street area of the village.

    Sun Nov 11, 11:00 am
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Sandiacre ward

    Two big teams of canvassers were out on Sunday afternoon, canvassing residents around the Paddocks estate in Sandiacre.

    Mon Nov 5, 07:51 am
  • Tory Britain: austerity is over but the cuts continue?

    Theresa May promised recently that austerity os over, but last week’s budget showed another raft of cuts.

    Mon Nov 5, 07:44 am
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Shipley View ward

    Erewash Labour were out and about in the community in Shipley View, talking to residents around the Barling Drive area.

    Mon Oct 22, 08:07 am
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Wilsthorpe ward

    Erewash Labour were out again over the damp weekend, canvassing residents in Wilsthorpe ward.

    Mon Oct 15, 09:45 am
  • Erewash Labour: rebuilding Britain in Ilkeston and Long Eaton

    Erewash members gathered today for a mammoth day of local action as part of the Labour party’s national campaign day.

    Sat Sep 29, 05:20 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Stanton by Dale ward

    Erewash Labour were out yesterday in Stanton by Dale, talking to residents about the future under Labour.

    Sun Sep 16, 02:52 pm
  • Canvassing in Erewash: Door knocking in Derby Road West ward

    Erewash Labour ventured into Long Eaton today to canvass residents in Derby Road West ward.

    Sun Sep 9, 05:45 pm
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