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Small Business Liaison Officer report January 2021

18 January 2021 | Blog

Pre the pandemic, there were about 7,000 micro or small businesses operating in Erewash. These provide a variety of functions and because of that variety they can supply resilience into the local economy.

I feel it is very important not to see town centres as the total focus of economic life in Erewash. People working from their homes and outside the town centres form the mainstay of small businesses in Erewash. Town centres might be the “squeaky wheel” that gets all the grease, however the many small businesses will provide the jobs and resilience our local economy needs.

A great example of where jobs can be created is Spring Lakes in Long Eaton – a new innovative water sports centre. Encouraging physical activity, visitor attractions and putting the area on the map.

Another recent example of a possible new small enterprise is at the Cat and Fiddle Windmill, where a cafeteria is planned, showing how new jobs can be created in Erewash without public funds being used. Creating a symbiotic development that preserves heritage, uses a rural backdrop and encourages tourism. Hopefully a great example of what can be accomplished to add to Erewash’s job offer without covering the countryside with asphalt and crinkly tin sheds.

Tourism, mainly in the form of day visits, shouldn’t be underestimated as a job creator. It provides opportunities to enhance facilities and attractions for local people as well as visitors. A win win situation.

Blog post published by Howard Griffiths, in his capacity as Erewash Labour constituency Small Business Liaison Officer. Photo taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author, and are not official Labour Party policy.

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