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Erewash Labour at Women's Conference 2019 in Telford

27 February 2019 | Blog

Erewash Labour Party was one of the 300+ constituency parties that sent a delegate to the two-day standalone conference in Telford.

The effects of Universal Credit on women and threats to Early Years education were just two of the issues debated at this year’s National Women’s Conference 2019.

Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities, Dawn Butler MP, gave a rousing speech about what a future Labour government would do to improve the lot of women in society today, including introducing the right to flexible working from day one of employment.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn also addressed the conference and was given a rapturous reception.

Policy debates during the weekend were held on women in the workforce, pensions, violence against women and girls, social care, abortion rights and rights for migrant women.

Erewash’s prospective parliamentary candidate, Catherine Atkinson, was on the panel at one of the conference’s breakout events on ‘Is equality law fit for purpose?’

She spoke alongside the Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti, former Labour MP, Fiona Mactaggart, now of the Fawcett Society, and Northumberland’s Police and Crime Commissioner Dame Vera Baird QC.

Votes were taken on which policies would be put forward to annual conference in September and on the women’s conference arrangements committee.

Erewash CLP delegate Helen Faccio said: “Attending the women’s conference was a really enjoyable experience and I found hearing the speeches from Labour women from around the country and from so many walks of life, extremely inspiring.

“I would recommend that any Labour women who have an interest in party policies that affect women attend the conference next year.”


Blog post published by Helen Faccio, in her capacity as Erewash Labour constituency delegate to women’s conference 2019.

All opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author, and are not official Labour Party policy.

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