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Mike Martin – Constituency Secretary

16 July 2018 | About
Mike Martin

Mike Martin – Constituency Secretary

Mike was born in Sawley, Long Eaton but moved away with his family when he was three to Gloucestershire and returned to Long Eaton in 2011.

He manages the Constituency Labour Party in Erewash doing all the necessary admin and organisation of the party working with other active members and officers locally.

If you get in touch with Labour locally, he is probably going to be responding to you or arranging for someone else to talk with you.

Mike is a life long socialist, and has also been a firm supporter of the current leadership since its election in 2015.

If you see him it is equally likely to be in a flash suit (and shoes!) or in his punk clothing, often to be found around the alternative music scene in Nottingham, or at gigs or festivals.

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