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17 July 2018 | About
Erewash Labour

Labour in Local Government is represented by nearly 7,000 Councillors across the country.

Here in Erewash People are represented by two councils: Derbyshire County Council and Erewash Borough Council.

Derbyshire County Council is made up of elected councillors from across the county of Derbyshire and is responsible for areas such as Highways and Street Lightning, Adult Social Care, Children’s Social Care and Libraries.

The County Council is made up of 64 councillors, elected every 4 years. Currently there is 1 Labour Councillors serving the community of Ilkeston South

Erewash Borough Council covers the borough of Erewash, which covers the areas of Ilkeston, Long Eaton, Breaston, Borrowash, West Hallam and Little Eaton. Part of the Borough covers the Mid Derbyshire Parliamentary Constituency.

The Borough Council is responsible for Refuse and Bin Collections, Council Tax, Revenues & Benefits and Leisure Services.

The Borough Council is made up of 47 councillors, elected every 4 years. Currently there are 17 Labour Councillors serving their communities from Ilkeston to Long Eaton.

Contact Details for Your Erewash Labour Councillors can be found here –

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