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Geoff Stratford – Constituency Treasurer

19 January 2021 | About

Geoff Stratford – Constituency Treasurer

I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for 25+ years and pursued its social justice values throughout my working life in various trade union roles. Lively times have been had defending Unison members from the arbitrary decisions of university line managers and persuading senior managers that their staffing proposals might just be self defeating.

As CLP Treasurer I have the happy task of always saying “we have no money”: sometimes this is absolutely true and at others it might be stretching a point. So if you have campaigning ideas which require some resourcing don’t hold back. Offer them up to the CLP Executive and we will try to find funds and make your ideas work.

As a retired information technology professional and past social researcher I also look to promote the best use of the support tools made available by the Party.

When not wrestling with the vagaries of support tools and other Party activities such as standing as a candidate, I like to think I’m a beekeeper plus local swarm catcher and colony relocator. Anything for a quiet life.

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