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Adam Thompson – Constituency Campaign Coordinator

6 January 2020 | About
Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson – Constituency Campaign Coordinator

Adam was born in London, but has moved around a lot since, living in Cardiff, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Southampton and, most recently, Long Eaton.

In Erewash Labour, Adam’s job is to organise local party members in their campaign activities, promoting our various canvassing and leafletting sessions to members and supporters, as well as organising street stalls and aiding members in organising their own campaign activities. Adam also works on the design and production of our video and print media, and helps run our social media and website.

Adam’s favourite Labour party activity is meeting new people on the #Labourdoorstep, so you’ll often see his face featured in photos of our canvassing activities.

Adam was a Borough Council (Long Eaton Central) and parliamentary (Amber Valley) candidate in 2019, and is currently our parliamentary candidate for the next general election.

Outside of Erewash Labour, Adam can usually be found in his lab at the University of Nottingham, where he works as a lecturer in the engineering department, or in his garage building low-quality coffee tables.

Adam’s role is to

  • Work with other officers to put together a 12 month development plan, covering specific targets such as elections, campaign organising and capacity building
  • Maintain accurate contact details for members, and providing membership information to other officers as required
  • Work to ensure your CLP is welcoming and friendly to new people, well organised and an open and fair place where members feel involved and have a stake in the direction of the CLP
  • Support the CLP to be an active, campaigning local movement where local members are encouraged to get involved as much as possible
  • Develop a strong and consistent communications strategy, making sure that all the members are well informed on party activity
  • Design and deliver campaign activity in collaboration with other officers.
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